What is the difference between Bengal Tiger and Sumatran Tigers?

What is the difference between Bengal Tiger and Sumatran Tigers?

• Bengal and Sumatran tigers are two subspecies of the same species.

• They naturally range in two different regions of Asia.

• Bengali tiger has proven themselves with their abilities to survive in a range of habitats including cold mountains and hot mangroves. However, Sumatran subspecies range mostly in forested areas.

• Bengal tiger is significantly bigger in size and weight than in Sumatran tigers. Sumatran tiger is the smallest tiger in their family.

• The current population of Bengal tiger is about 2000, but Sumatran tiger are only 300 survivors presently. The IUCN has categorized Bengal and Sumatran tigers as endangered and critically endangered respectively.

• The strip of the coat of the Bengal tiger is thicker than in Sumatran tiger.

• Bengal tiger is a national animal of a country but Sumatran tiger has not gain that kind of value. However, both these are flagship species.

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